SwitchBot Curtain

SwitchBot curtain is a wireless smart curtain robot with voice control and APP control. SwitchBot smart curtain can retrofit and motorize existing curtains in 30 seconds. It can automate curtains...

SwitchBot Motion Sensor

SwitchBot Motion Sensor can detect body movement across a more comprehensive area range of up to 30 ft, at an angle of up to 110° horizontally and 55° vertically. You...

SwitchBot Color Bulb

SwitchBot smart light bulb works with Alexa, Google Home and Siri. RGBCW color change, dimmable, built-in WiFi & Bluetooth, support remote control and voice control. Find your best smart light...

SwitchBot LED Strip Light Combo

SwitchBot Smart LED Strip Light Combo makes your indoor lighting bright. With Smart Strip Lights, you can make your home more colorful and fun. Pair with Smart Home Kit, you...
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