[Tips] Try "Hey Siri, turn off the air conditioning" on your Apple Watch !

[Tips] Try

In our before article detailed description how to use Phone to control devices. However, we didn't go into detail about how to set up your Apple Watch, so many of you may be wondering how to set up your Apple Watch to control your appliances.

Our new video has inspired us to show you how to set up your Apple Watch to control your appliances by voice. Raise your wrist, call out lightly and control your appliances anytime, anywhere.


SwitchBot hub mini is the first need

One SwitchBot controls your appliances with your phone, not your remote. And what's more, you can use voice control to your home appliances by combining them with third-party services such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

This time, turning off the air conditioning by saying "Hey Siri, turn off the air conditioning", you need the SwitchBot Hub Mini,iPhone, and Apple Watch as well.

SwitchBot hub mini


Additional remote control for air conditioning

Let the SwitchBot Hub Mini learn your air conditioning remote control through Infrared! In "Smart Running" learning mode, point the remote control at the Hub Mini, follow the guide and it will take about 30 seconds to add the remote control. What should I do if I'm having trouble? To make adding a remote control easier version of the SwitchBot app, we've added a 'Help' section.

Tap 'Help' to find solutions to common questions you may have during the setup process.


Set up a Siri shortcut

Find the air conditioner you have completed adding on the SwitchBot app homepage and tap its icon to enter the air conditioner control screen. In the top right corner, go to Gear → Settings → Siri Shortcut (Beta) to enter the Siri Shortcut action settings.


Once you have set your 'Air Conditioner Status', tap the 'Next button in the top right corner. Set your voice commands according to your 'Air Conditioner Status'.


Wake your Apple Watch

ShotCut iWatch

Controlling all your home appliances with a single watch was used to be something that could only be done in imagination, but now it's become a reality! In addition to air conditioning, infrared devices such as TVs, lights and projectors can be controlled by the Apple Watch. Non-infrared devices can also be controlled by SwitchBot bots.


It's great to be able to use your Apple Watch to control your home appliances by voice, but it can be embarrassing for some people to say "Hey Siri". Can you turn off the air conditioner without saying "Hey Siri" but using simple words?

In the next article, we'll show you how you can turn off your air conditioner without saying "Hey Siri". Hope you can enjoy it.