[Review] SwitchBot Curtain Detailed Review from Youtubers

This week we are going to get more familiar with SwitchBot Curtain both in terms of practical operation and voice control Via YouTubers. (Because there are so many reviews, only a part of it is selected for sharing this time.)


Part 1

All the relevant links posted in this part have very detailed and professional explanations on how to install, calibrate and run SwitchBot Curtain. Every step has very detailed explanations and operations. If you are a new user, you can check out these videos for a better installation



Part 2

This part of the video is about how to use third-party integration such as Google Home, Siri, Alexa along our Hub Mini to control some indoor smart home features. If you are interested in using Hub Mini to control home smart curtains, coffee machines, air conditioners, and other products. You can refer to these videos





Learn more about SwitchBot Curtain: