Home automation for beginners: a room-by-room guide

So, Black Friday is upon us once again, some of us wait all year for this moment, our heads filled with the promise of scoring the very best price on a new gadgets (yes, we are a electronics company after all) including: indoor cams, smart humidifiers, contact sensors, or other smart home devices.

And so, as such, here's 11 of our best smart home devices we think you should be adding to your Black Friday 2021 shopping list.

If you’re looking to jump straight to a specific area of this blog, I’ve included a contents page below here to make it easier, because I’m nice like that.

Ok so first off, let’s get the basics in place, so when does Black Friday actually start? When’s the best time to buy so that you can make the most out of your well-earned dollars?




What you’ll need to know about Black Friday this year.


So, here we are, 2021, this year Black Friday falls on November 26th.

Of course, over the last few years, Black Friday deals have somehow found themselves available prior to the actual event itself, and in light of COVID-19, many online retailers have started sales extra early (in some cases right now) in anticipation of shipping delays due to ongoing supply chain issues.

So, what about usWell, you can expect to start seeing major price drops on most items on our official website starting November 15th, continuing through onto Cyber Monday on November 29th.

We’ve got something great in store for those 4 days, starting from November 15th. A limited number of discount coupons will be released daily that will offer discounts up to 50%.

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The following are the smart home devices we think are worth buying from us this time round.




Smart home devices for living rooms

 Best Smart Home Device

SwitchBot Hub Mini

If you want all of your SwitchBot smart home devices to talk to each other, then you're going to need a SwitchBot Hub Mini. SwitchBot Hub Mini helps join all your smart home devices (such as Motion Sensor, Contact Sensor, Curtain, Meter, etc.) together and lets you control them all through our app.

What’s more, SwitchBot Hub Mini works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other smart assistants, letting you use simple voice commands to control all of your SwitchBot smart home devices, neat right!?



SwitchBot Bot

SwitchBot Bot

So you’ve got a bunch of appliances at home, but they’re not smart, but you wish they were… then SwitchBot Bot is right up your alley. Just stick SwitchBot Bot on any switch in your home, including light switches, coffee machine switches, and boom! It’s now a smart device.

Not quite convinced? Imagine you want to make coffee in the morning right after you wake up, turn off lights that you have left on downstairs, or open the garage door when you get home, etc either automatically, with a single tap on your phone, or even using voice commands. Thanks to SwitchBot Bot, you can!



SwitchBot Tag-Smart Home Devices

SwitchBot Tag

With the SwitchBot Tag, you can simplify any smart home routine. Just touch your Tag with your Android or iOS device to perform an action of your choice: turn off all your lights at home before leaving home, draw the curtains, turn on your SwitchBot Indoor Cam, or even open an app at a particular preset function.



SwitchBot Tag+ SwitchBot Hub Mini+ SwitchBot Bot

If you’ve been silently been waiting in the wings since 2016 and haven’t actually owned any SwitchBot products as of yet, we recommend you to try these three smart products in your living room. Stick SwitchBot Bots on different switches in your living room and connect them to a SwitchBot Hub Mini so that you can control them all remotely or by voice. Place a SwitchBot Tag at your home entrance, and when you burst through the door in celebration of making it through the day alive, just simply tap your SwitchBot Tag with your phone to quickly turn on your household appliances.




Smart home devices for the kitchen

SwitchBot Color Bulb -Smart Device

SwitchBot Color Bulb

If you are like me, you might love a nice cozy warm light in the evening when you’re at home alone with a nice book and some great company.

These kind of haze-like bulbs create a warm, layered blanket of light that a lot of people love in the evenings. But not such a great idea when cooking because you pretty much can’t see the food you’re making. So, what does every kitchen need? You got it, bright light.

So why not get a dimmable color light bulb? When cooking, adjust easily so that you can enjoy brighter, clearer, white light. Then when eating, adjust to a warmer yellow dim light, so that we can have a more enjoyable dinner experience.



SwitchBot Motion Sensor - Smart Home Device

SwitchBot Motion Sensor

A motion sensor can be the first line of defense in your security system because it can instantly detect when someone is in your home when they shouldn’t be. A motion sensor uses one or multiple protocols to detect movement in an area.



SwitchBot Color Bulb + SwitchBot Motion Sensor

Pair your Color Bulb with Motion Sensor and you’ll be able to light up specific areas in your home when motion is detected. At night, when you are looking for snacks in the kitchen (me), you won’t have to look for the light switch in the dark or bump into random sharp edges (also me). As long as you walk along to the kitchen, Motion Sensor will detect your movement and the lights will turn on.




Smart home devices for bedrooms

SwitchBot Curtain - Smart Home Device

SwitchBot Curtain

Enjoy ultimate comfort and peace of mind while controlling your curtains hands-free. Simply open and close your curtains with a single press of a remote control or perform quick voice commands using Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. Pair with SwitchBot Solar Panel, continue to charge your curtain robot, and never worry about suddenly running out of power.



SwitchBot Hub Mini

A SwitchBot Hub Mini is an amazing device to own if you've got several home appliances that use infrared signals. It’s more confusing than convenient to manage an army of remotes: we’ve got… TV remotes, DVD player remotes, game console remotes, air-conditioner remotes… erm, yeah, you get the idea. But with SwitchBot Hub Mini, you can store all your remotes away safely and control all your home appliances via one simple app.



SwitchBot curtain + SwitchBot hub mini

In the morning, the SwitchBot Curtain opens automatically, natural light helps you start the day feeling more alert and in a better mood. It's certainly nicer than being shocked away by a noisy alarm clock.




Smart home devices for basement

SwitchBot Meter-Smart Home Device

SwitchBot Meter

SwitchBot Meter features a digital display that shows the temperature and humidity around the environment it is placed in, not only this but it can also send reports to our app and sends push notifications to your phone if the humidity or temperature exceeds the preset range.



SwitchBot Smart Humidifier

During the winter months, as the combination of cold air and overheated homes starts to dry out our skin (yes, I care about this, and so should you!) humidifiers can help boost much-needed moisture into the atmosphere by emitting water vapor into the air. SwitchBot Smart Humidifier makes it easy to set desired humidification efficiency from 1-100% and can be set to a schedule. You can even ask Alexa/Google Assistant/Siri to help set a comfortable humidity level for you.



SwitchBot Meter + SwitchBot Hub Mini + SwitchBot Smart Humidifier

Our basements usually gives us a place to store a lot of stuff around the house, or it might even the place you use to hangout, host events or, well… do anything really. Thanks to smart home devices, it is now easy to keep the temperature and humidity stable in harder to manage areas of the home.

When SwitchBot Meter detects that the indoor temperature is higher than your set value range, it sends a signal to Hub Mini to automatically turn on your air conditioner and when the meter detects that the humidity is lower than the set value, it will automatically turn on your humidifier, making sure you’ve got the perfect living environment at all times.




Smart home devices for garages

SwitchBot Indoor Cam - Smart Home Device

SwitchBot Indoor Cam

Indoot Cam, this is great if you’re looking to monitor the comings and goings of your home and garage right from your smartphone with HD streaming and real-time alerts. You can adjust your indoor camera with multi angles and ensure your household safety directly from your smartphone in seconds.



SwitchBot Contact Sensor

SwitchBot Contact Sensor

Monitoring your garage is very important, as it is can sometimes be one of the most vulnerable spaces inside a home. With SwitchBot Contact Sensor, you’ll be able to protect your garage and your property and stay on top of whatever’s going on.



SwitchBot Indoor Cam + SwitchBot Contact Sensor + SwitchBot Hub Mini

Connected to SwitchBot Hub Mini, SwitchBot Contact Sensor can push notifications to your phone when someone enters your home, or even when the door or window is open. With night vision, clear 1080p HD and 130º wide-angle lens, SwitchBot Indoor Camera is also great at helping you monitor your garage anytime and anywhere.




Black Friday 2021 it’s almost here… and it’s going to be worth the wait. Smart home devices, in general, are getting better, and they’re getting easier to integrate into everyday life. Whether for family safety or if your just looking to improving quality of life, smart home devices are a worthwhile investment. SwitchBot aims to transform your old devices into something that is more intuitive at a cost that would be lower than going off and replacing the whole lot (think about the environment please people!) and is definitely an easier way to get smart. So what are you waiting for? Get ready!


Best Smart Home Devices 2021